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Why A Blog About Starting an Online Business.  They’re Profitable!


Hi, my name is DM Smith.  I am 73 years old, retired and live alone.  I needed to find a way to supplement my retirement income.  I found Internet Marketing.

It is not an easy business to start. You must learn a whole new vocabulary, certain technical skills and develop the methods you will use to monetize your business.

The purpose and personal goal for starting this website is to to shorten that process for anyone who wants to learn more quickly than I did.  I will gladly share my experiences, successes and failures with you.  In addition, I invite you to share yours with all of us as well.  Feel free to use the comments section to engage with us. Together we can march more quickly down the road to success by working together.

That is the purpose of the website.


What topics will be covered?

The list of topics that will be covered is almost endless.  There will be a series of posts on the basics of online marketing.  The following list is the basic topics to be covered.  Every online business owner should become familiar with the material covered in these articles.  It will shorten your path to success.  You may also contribute content for all of us through your comments or as a guest blogger if approved.



• What is Internet Marketing?
• What is Branding and why is it necessary?
• How to control SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
• What is GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)?
• How to improve your copywriting skills.
• Profitable Facebook ad marketing.
• Using Google AdSense to enhance earnings.
• Using Twitter to upscale your business.
• Email Marketing.
• Email list building.
• How much does an online business cost?

These articles will provide the foundation of this website. Following is a brief synopsis of each of these topics.


What Is Internet Marketing?

Usage of the internet is exploding. Statistics for 2018 show that there are 4.1 billion users around the world.  This represents 52% of the world population. There certainly is a large community on the internet that needs products and services.

The goal of an internet business is to define a need and connect with someone who will purchase that need.  There are many approaches to solving this problem, there are many tools to assist in the solution and many examples of how to do this on the internet.  We will discuss all of these in future blog posts.


What Is Branding And Why Is It Necessary?

Branding is building your personal or website reputation so that your subscribers view you as an expert and trust you without reservation.  They will then have confidence in your recommendations to purchase products.  This is not easily done but is necessary to build a successful internet business.

It is not easily done because it takes time. Your subscribers will test you several times before your recommendations become important enough for them to act. When this is achieved, you are Branded.

Think of the internet sites you visit and how many of them are based on the personal branding of an individual or the branding of a company.  We will discuss approaches to Branding in future blogs.


How To Control SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the number one goal of a webmaster (the person who maintains the website).  Google inspects every website with a “crawler”.  The crawler inspects each website and gives it a score called an index.  The index is then used by several Google algorithms to rank each website.  The best-ranked websites appear on the first page of the Google search results.  This is the goal of every webmaster.  We will talk about SEO and what Google expects in future blog posts.


What Is The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)?

GDPR is a relatively new concept.  It is a regulation that sets guidelines for the collection and use of personal information of individuals.  It has been adopted in the European Union (EU) at this time.  There are two issues to be considered. First, you may have a customer who is based in the EU.  After all, the internet is worldwide. There are some methods to control your geography, but they are not always available.  Second, Google is worldwide. There are rumors that Google will require GDPR compliance for anyone marketing on its platform.  We will probe and clarify this issue in the future.

How To Improve Your Copywriting Skills.

You will do a lot of writing for your business.  You will be explaining products, highlighting their benefits and attempting to sell the product to your reader.  It is not as simple as it looks.  But, it is not too difficult for you to do.  There are some rules and tricks you can learn to make copywriting a skill you will own.

Profitable Facebook Ad Marketing.

Facebook is a very good ad platform.  The only issue is that it costs money to place ads on Facebook.  Facebook also does not like affiliate marketers (people who sell other people’s products for a commission).  Since Affiliate Marketing is a very popular business model, this could be a problem.  However, there are powerful ways to use Facebook no matter what your business model.  They will be fun to discuss in future blog articles.


Using Google AdSense To Enhance Earnings.

Google AdSense is a unique form of advertising.  You don’t choose the ads, Google does.  When the crawler examines your webpage, it can determine the type of content.  Google will place an ad on that page that should match your content.  You are paid when someone clicks the ad.  They do not have to buy anything.  Google AdSense is a convenient way to make small streams of recurring income.

Using Twitter To Upscale Your Business.

The use of the internet is becoming more a mobile world. Smartphone and iPad are becoming the higher percentage of internet usage.  The desktop is far from dead, but it currently owns only 50% of internet traffic.  To be able to scale your business, you must use other platforms.  In future articles, we will discuss Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and other mobile platforms.

Email Marketing.

This form of online selling is not as popular as it one was.  But it is far from dead.  I bet you received an email today that was a sales pitch.  I received at least a dozen.  The more active you are on the web, the more sales emails you will receive.  Future articles will discuss email marketing.  You can earn an income with this approach.

Email List Building.

It goes without saying that you cannot make money email marketing if you don’t have an email address to send it to.  You must get a list of email addresses to send your offers.  This is called list building.  There are some serious do’s and don’ts that you must follow in this process.  We will be discussing this in future posts.

How Much Does An Online Business Cost?

I wish I could give you a number.  It can cost as much as you want it to cost.  You could do it for free.  But using free assets for your business will always result in more work for you.  There are certain services and software that are more efficient, but they do cost money.  This is a very important decision point and we will discuss it in detail in the future.

Well, I am finished with my homepage article. I will keep it here for new visitors to understand what the website is about.  My purpose is to help all who have an internet business or who would like to start one.  I would like to use the future comments section to start and continue any dialog you desire concerning internet marketing.

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